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Pay Using Your ATM

ATM Payment

You can use ATM to transfer money to our account for SMS units. We have Alight the steps as given below 2. Through ATM transfer at any ATM machine. Here's how

i. Go to the nearest ATM machine, slot in your card and type your pin

ii. But instead of clicking on withdraw, click Quickteller

iii. Under Quickteller you'll see the following; Airtime Recharge, Funds Transfer, Foreign reserves, Interbank transfer, etc. Select 'interbank transfer'

iv. Choose bank v. Select a/c (our accounts are all Savings a/c)

vi. Put the 10 digit a/c number and the amount (our account numbers below)

Bank Details
Acc No:  0116883516
Acc Name: Olanrewaju Olawale Fuad
Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank

vii. The ATM shows you all the details so you can check 4 errors. If everything is Ok. Click confirm, to pay.

viii. You'll get a confirmation message about your transfer. Take your card and go. Once done, Send us your username, amount transferred and the reference/location of the transfer . We would then credit you. Text details to +2347068785000 or 2348055537364

Reseller Packages

With just N19,500 you can become a proud owner of a  website like ours and you will get the following FREE of charge;

> 1 Free State GSM Numbers 
> Domain Name Registration
> Website Design
> 1000 SMS Units

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